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Hunger for God and His Word

Posted on June 2, 2014 at 11:35 AM Comments comments (0)

In early spring, our church youth group promoted and participated in the 30 hour famine. This event is promoted and sponsored by World Vision. The purpose of the program is to get kids to understand and relate to other children in 3rd world countries who do not have easy access to food, and sometimes go 30 hours or more without a meal. My son was very interested in program, and wanted to get involved. After we reviewed the program, I decided that I would do it with him. We talked about it for weeks, anticipating how our body would handle no food for 30 hours. We even joked in our family, would my son’s body go into shock without food for 30 hours, needless to say Johnny love’s food. We were allowed to have water, juice, and Gatorade to keep ourselves hydrated.

In preparing for this event, I started to look and study fasting. I have to say that until now, I really have not fasted, it not something that I have heard many speak on, and I am not sure that I have every studied the topic. I was quick to find that the Bible says quite a bit about fasting! Several different times when someone was heavy burden they not only prayed, but they fasted. They were hungry for an answer from God; they were looking to Him to intervene. Interesting….. Jesus told the disciplines to pray and fast to remove the demon in Matthew 17:19-21. Esther told Mordecai to gather the elders and pray and fast on her behalf, as she prayed and her servants prayed and fasted about approached the King in Esther 4: 15-16 I believe that in the world we live in today where everything is at our fingers tips. What would it look like to us to fast about a prayer request, or for someone, for a burden? After reading and studying fasting; fasting can be like using a power tool to complete project, instead of spending lots of time using a screwdriver and hammer. How would over lives be impacted if we tapped into this tool.

As we completed the 30 hour famine, I have a complete different take on fasting. That day I replaced my food with prayer, and studying. I asked the Lord to give me the hunger for Him deep in my soul. I was also reminded of how uncomfortable it was to go without food. During my reflection time, I reflected on what my life would be without the food that God’s word gives. Do you feel empty you’re your stomach growls in pain, when really your soul longs for God and His Word. How much do we hunger for God and His Word for an answer to our prayers? When our stomach growls in hunger we grab a snack or fix something to eat, physical food is readily available to most. But what about our spiritual hunger? When does your soul growl to be fed spiritually?

If you have never fasted, I would encourage you to try it, it doesn’t have to be just from food, you could do a fast from social networking, coffee, or soft drinks. Also don’t set a time limit to it, let God release you from it. Hunger for Him and His Word, you could get really good at using that power tool!